AK Online Competition!

February 27, 2012



1. Date of Registration: 27th February  2012 15h 30mn to 15th March 2012 23h 59mn(Spend 200 Sabay Coin to Register per team).
2. Date of Match:
– 22nd​​​​ – 29th March 2012: Selecting 4 teams from 64 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe(Monivong Blvd).
– 6th-8th April 2012: Selecting one team to be the Winner of AK Online Competition at Diamond Island(Koh Pich).

The competition of qualify 64 teams will be eliminate process as below:
– 1st Round elimination of 64 teams to 32 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe.
– 2nd Round elimination of 32 teams to 16 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe.
– 3rd Round elimination of 16 teams to 8 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe.
– 4th Round elimination of 8 teams to 4 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe.
– Final competition  of 4 teams to select one winner AK Online Competition at Diamond Island.

Game Setup

1. AK Online Competition will use knockout tournament to select the Winner. This competition has 64teams that has 5members per team.
2. Map: Huangpu Terminal
3. Settings: Population = 10, Round Limit = 5; Limitation = Conventional only
4. Competition: it has two matches, the team get first 5 scores will be count as the winner for the match automatically.
– First Condition: The judges will toss the coin, so the winner will have a priority to select blue or red color.
– Second Condition: The competitions have two matches and each match will calculate the score of the match to select the winner and loser. Therefore, the team that get first 5 scores will be change the color. If one team get the highest scores for both matches, that team will judge as the winner and the competition will be end.

Weapon Usable

– Main Weapon: Platinum AK47(Assault Rifle), AUG_A3, L85_A1, Soul FN2000, Tar21(Assault Rifle), Silver M4A1(Assault Rifle), Wilderness G36(Assault Rife), Famas(Assault Rife)  and Warrior Soul 03(Assault Rifle).
– Sniper: AWP(Sniper), Green Soul Type 85, M14A1 and Camouflage AWP.
– Micro Punch: Tiger Elite MP5, BronzeUM P45(Micro Punch), P90(Sub-Gun),Frost Explosions(Shotgun) and PP2000(Micro Punch).
– Hand Gun: Desert Eagle(Pistol), Mauser(Pistol), and M500(Revolver).
– Grenade: Wood Handle Grenades, Type 82, CTS(Lightning Bomb), and M18(Fog Grenade).
– Melee Weapon: Free.
– Card: Protect Card LV1, Grenade Pack LV2, Low-Key Magnificence, Dance Card(Free dance, Thomas dance, Disco dance, No Body dance, and Samba dance).


– Players eliminate during the round can’t talk to other team members.
– Eliminated players must remain in their seat and  not allowed to physically help team members (under punishment of expulsion).
– Only captain can use General channel even s/he dead but other members will get penalty when using this channel.
– In case of matches that are interrupted by external failure (power lost to building, PC crack, restart, or Internet connection failure) the game still continue and players must be re-join before 2 min.
– If player can’t re-join on time, the referee will record current score and continue with current score when players can re-joined.
Hack, bug, and crack software are forbidden and players can bring their own Mouse or Keyboard.

Prizes For Teams

Winner                             : 4,000,000 Riel and 20,000 Sabay Coins
1st Runner Up               : 3,000,000‍ Riel and 20,000 Sabay Coins
2nd Runner Up             : 2,000,000 Riel and 20,000 Sabay Coins
3rd Runner Up              : 20,000 Sabay Coins

Sabay reserves the rights to change any conditions.
If you any questions about the competition please contact our game supporter 023 22 8000 every working hour!

AK Team