Male Head

March 7, 2012

Flame Skyscraper(M)
Flaming kerchief, black lens, blazing fire, cool, mystical, wild.

Dark Warrior(M)
Perse kerchief, while gloomy skeleton remnant bone, dark and ashy lens, mystical, demon.
Blue Wave(M)
Blue melody, depth occurs simultaneously and trellised kerchief, dark brown lens, spirituous infuriating, fashion, youth.

Gold Years(M)
Distinctive hairstyle, golden color, vigor and freedom.

Milky Way(M)
The hairline is elegant, unbelievably colour and demonized.

Naruto Fighter(M)
A single photograph has been taken of this Eastern warrior of legend, and it has been used to recreate his unorthodox clothing.

Watery Cool(M)
Elegant hairline, steamy hair, pizazz, dissolute, handsome.
Ice Wildness(M)
A black shiny sun glass under the balck shiny hair, it resembles the heartless and brutal.

Stylish Mushroom(M)
The cool breeze of the dress is like a ray hit in the summer, will make you stay calm and dashing.

Purple Royal(M)
The dignitaries are like the little purple suit, the battlefield needs the men like a flower.

Snow Battle(M)
The born of the cold-hearten soldier from the vast snowy battlefield, has the style of icy clothing and cold-blooded character.

Cool Moonlight Head(M)
Looks like the moonlight same brightness, actually demonstrates man’s callous one side. but this army cap inside your wardrobe essential thing.

Black Fog(M)
Black color is forever the trendiest icon on the battlefield.

Clear Short Hair(M)
Without the of the city , easy and able short hair may be you best choice.

Elixir of Love(M)
Wish flower beautiful, people long life moon is full , cherish the present time.

Red Rose(Facedress)
Red Rose bring your romantic temperament. Best gift to show your love.
Rebel Soldier(M)
Rebels are ready to fight anytime and anywhere. Clothing that are rugged and built to  last are important to a rebel.
Rebel Heart(M)
The only thing that is potentially more dangerous than a well trained and experienced marine is a rebel without a cause, fighting for the sake of fighting and fearless of death.
Rebel Alliance(M)
Be a member of Death squads, wearing it is needed.
Dark Police Helmet(M)
Black helmet, is favorable to be utilized to hide under an extremely dark environment.
Snowy Helmet(M)
The existence of the cruel and fierce white camouflage MAT in the two strongholds. Tianshan and warehouse, is the most headached issue.
Desert Helmet(M)
Desert camouflage helmets, very conducive to the desert environment, such as Loulan city.
The jungles camouflage has carried a number of missions and expectations, the warriors who wear this are well-aware of this.
White Police Helmet(M)
Don’t ever encounter the white camouflage police in the Tianshan base and snowy mountain warehouse if your eye-expression is bad.
Pumpkin Hat(M)
By wearing Pumpkin, you will become the fashion icon of cuteness and fantasy!