Chatroom Mode

April 24, 2012

Chatroom Mode

Non-competition Mode. In the chatroom, players can chat, organize events, make mini-games to alleviate anxiety and exhausted senses.
There are two rooms in Chatroom: Sabay bar and Sabay Cathedral.

Sabay Bar

Sabay Bar
After the restless battle, come here to take a rest. Good wines, great beer, and nice friends are all the things that you need to cherish.
Rainbow Castle
This is a rainbow mountain in the far place. On the mountain there is a rainbow castle. And there is ….



Sabay Cathedral
Slowly windy, the faint blue sky, in this happy occasion, with blessing from best friends, and church bells and your own lover, work hand in hand, entered the this sacred temple.


Moon Backyard
When you and your lover reach intimate Rate lv.10, you can hold a Chinese Wedding here. You can invite your friends to celebrate together. But they all need equip Wedding invitation Card. After marriage, you can get Loving Value which can exchange many good weapons.