Bomb Mode

April 24, 2012

Bomb Mode

The mission of red team is to bomb the target, while blue team is to protect place from being bombed.
The red team succeeded bombing the target or kill all the enemies will win.
The blue team succeeded removing bomb or kill all the enemies before they plant the bomb will win.

Bomb Mode Map

Frontier City
Sand Storm is destroying this city, and also attack from rivals.
Snowcapped Warehouse
There are treasures buried in a nameless warehouse at the Snow Mountain. When all people arrived here, found that the warehouse is very messy, seems have been searched thoroughly by others.
Kandahar border post
Kandahar is a grief city, a long war. Buried bombs everywhere.
Suez Altar
The ancient Suez is said to be the most risky place that possibly become the target of terrorists, because the Altar here is hiding a secret maybe has been revealed.
California Morning City
The hard works of AK warriors has given hopes for this city. In order to prevent Mummy from attack this place again, the explosion practice must be executed.
Nile Delta
The discharged Mummies are running out from temple. In a twinkling of an eye, the Nile Delta where temple is located became a badly destroyed ruin. The curse of Pharaoh seems becoming reality.
Huangpu Terminal
Although Huanpu Terminal has avoided from being bombed, some important goods still cannot transferred or transported due to the bad traffic. If the attack happens again, the loss will be tremendous.
SenKaxi Cathedral
With the World Cup of Spain. Goalkeeper will return to Senkaxi, his home town is also famous town, but the big tree attracts the wind, the time to catch up with the AK exercise also needed.
Maginot Fortrees
Here is the proud of local residents, up to this day, referred to its name. Can make people all over the world to understand its story. such a legendary place. It is interested by the terrorists, and the world seems to be covered by the dark cloud.
Dragon World
Dragon World is building in the center of a beautiful coastal city. This city is full of vitality. But now this place is involved by darkness. Terrorist has occupy the city. They attempt to make this city into ruins.
Champs City
Champs City is the most greatest market of the world. Now this in occupied by torrorists. Lift your weapons, let us protect our city.
Gaint Room
Long long ago, there is a war between human and giant. This is the room that giant used before.

Sea-maid Town
This is a beautiful town beside the beach. It is said many mermaid come here every Summer. Then we call this Sea-maid Town.

Hua Lan Peng
This is alovely station in the distance, many young people are waiting for their love.

Central Avenue
The central avenue is the most flourishing place of this country.