G-Mission Mode

April 24, 2012

G-Mission Mode

G-Mission Mode divide into six Checkpoints: Checkpoint 1, Checkpoint 2, Checkpoint 3, Checkpoint 4, Checkpoint 5 and Checkpoint 6.
Checkpoint 1: Beat Masao with your teammates.
Checkpoint 2:

  • Kill the amount of Masao Captain. This is a difficult mission.
  • Masao Captain does not go out most of the time, and the sniper is always accurate.
  • So the way to complete this mission is to use up the bullets of Masao Soldier and never kill them.
  • Only kill the captain is OK.

Checkpoint 3: Protect yourself and kill the bandits.
Checkpoint 4: You can kill enemies only through headshot.
Checkpoint 5: Use your grenade or melee to fight with Angry pigs.
Checkpoint 6: Protect yourself and your teammates. Mummies are very brutal. They can use kinds of skills to attack players.

Checkpoint 1 Map

9.16 Crisis
Masao is finally targeting Cross Range. hopefully they do not know there is essential nuclear device at underground area of Cross Range. Before they found that, we must kill them.
Underground Massacre
The 3rd day after 9.16 Crisis, Masao team cause a serious disaster at the nearby Cross Range again. Cross Range is almost completely ruined, and there are many deaths and injuries around.


Checkpoint 2 Map

Western Arrest
Masao make use of 3D shadow effect to do strategy tricks, and they think that they can break through defend line of Western Arrest easily.
Beheading The Leader
Masao leader brings his imaginary shadow soldiers to make mess in Subway Station again. Our target is to let the Masao Leader experience the decapitation and death!


Checkpoint 3 Map

Bloody Villa
Bloody Villa is used to lock up the rebelled AK soldiers who turned to support Masao regiment because of selfishness.
Kunlun Rebellion
Kunlun is the first place where the bandits riot is found. The wide environment and tricky terrains have made this place an ideal battlefield.


Checkpoint 4 Map

Save The Ruins
Masao team who experienced great failure is now rushing to make the superb inner armor. Their intention is to grab away the treasures at the underground area of Darkwater.
Energy Crisis
The well-prepared Masao Elite Crew suddenly arrived at Huangpu Terminal and immediately cut-off the transport system, therefore we have to solve the Huangpu crisis as fast as possible.


Checkpoint 5 Map

Mong Kok Plague
The magnificent and modern Mong Kok is always lively, but the rooftop is undergoing a cross battle among human beings and animals.
Runaway Town
After the Mong Kok case, another group of seriously infected animals in now heading towards the West.


Checkpoint 6 Map

Osaka Hospital
In Osaka Hospital, there is discovered of mummy whereabouts once again. Currently, a few kilometers radius around have no human being. They are waiting fore the salvation of Ak soldiers.
Byland Terminal
After the evacuation of Final soldiers from Byland Terminal. Mummies are back, without helping from Final soldiers, how can AK soldiers resist the attacking from the Mummies?
PAC-Man Garden
Pac-man games you ever played it! In face, like Pace-man is not only the villain! And you are familiar of the pig also very like too