April 24, 2012

Ghost package
Open will get:
Ghost Increase Speed Card(7days)
Nightmare Shovel(Melee)(7days)
Protect Card LV1(7days)
Riot Card(7days)
Tear Gas Protection Card(7days)
Get 100000-200000Silver
Ghost Package, let you be a suave person and romantic ghost, you have 10% chance to get a Ghost Baby.
Mummy Package
Open will get:
Mummy Anti-Stun Card(7days)
The Earth-caller(7days)
Silver Grimm(H-Machinegun)(7days)
H-Machinegun Bullet Card(7days)
Get 100000-200000Silver
The package for those player who loves Mummy mode or Mummy2 mode.
G-mission package
Open will get:
G-Mission Token(7days)
Medical Bandage(100Times)
G-Mission Card(Name Card)(7days)
Bazooka Bullet Card(7days)
C-S(Tear Gas)(7days)
Get 100000-200000Silver
In G-Mission mode allows you to have more fighting power.
Wedding Dress Package
Open will get:
Wedding Dress(Forever)
Only Intimate Rate reaches Lv.10 or successful marriage can equip! Use three years of time to change for this fate, be together and never separate.
Bomb Package
Open will get:
C4 Pliers(7days)
Lighting Protection Card(7days)
Protect Card LV1(7days)
Riot Card(7days)
Grenade Pack LV2(7days)
Low-Key Magnificence(7days)
Get 100000-200000Silver
It is the best partner of the Bomb mode.
Blinker Package
Open will get:
Colorful Blinkers(7days)
There are four blinkers in this package, but you can only get one of them, try your luck, silver, red, yellow or black?