AK Competition at Koh Pich

February 1, 2012

Get your team together now and make a battle plan for the first ever Attack Online Competition to be held at Koh Pich Exhibition Center during the Education and Career Expo 2010 from 10 – 12 September

Attack Online knockout tournament (16 teams, 5 players per team)

Gamers are your ready??

Then get your team setup, elect a captain and register your team for the Attack Online Competition! The winning team will be rewarded 5000 AK Gold coins!!!


Friday 10, 13:00 – 17:00 round of 16, eliminated 8 teams
Saturday 11, 13:00 -17:00 round of 8, 4, Final


  • Map: Explosion, map select by random coin toss Head = Nile Delta and Tail = KashiCastle
  • Map settings: Population = 10, Round Limit = 5; Limitation = Conventional only
  • Each team will fight one round as defender and one round as attacker
  • Team with the most round won plus most kills per round will advance
  • Players eliminate during the round may talk to other team members
  • Eliminated players must remain in their seat and are not allowed to physically help team members (under punishment of expulsion)
  • In case of matches that are interrupted by external failure (power lost to building, or Internet connection failure) leading to the termination of more then one player per team, the match will be re-played


  • team must register, (all members) in person at Sabay Office before Friday 10th
  • team members must register account name to use during competition
  • team members must be at tournament side on Friday 10th at 10am to confirm participation (team must be complete for tournament check-in)
  • each team member will get 100 gold to buy advanced weapons


  • winning team 1000 gold for each member
  • runner-up 500 gold per team member
  • 3rd 250 gold for each team member

If you have future questions with regards to the competition please contact our game support

Sabay AK Team