Clan Card

February 20, 2012

Clan Rename Card
Only usable by the Clan Captain. Allows the captain to rename his or her clan name to something more unique. For instance, special symbols are usable.
Clan Expanding Card
Depending on how many members your clan can hold. This item will increase your clan’s maximum member count.
Clan Creating Card
Player are required to have this card in their Inventory before they can create clans on our clan management system website. And now if you buy this card, you will get 30 days Clan Captain Gift. You can use it when you reach LV 30.
Show the honor of your clan.
Clan Logo Card
Only the clan Captain may use this item and this item can only be used once per purchase. This item allows the clan Captain to change the clan’s logo. Allowing them to select between predefined foreground and background images to create their desired logo.