Personal Revive Mode

Players attack each other with unit of individual. After the scheduled time ends, the place is decided by the amount of killed people in current round. If the fight still have not ended, died player can be recovered.

Personal Revive Mode Map

Tianshan Base
Only the top warriors can join the challenging special training here.
Nile Delta
The discharged Mummies are running out from temple. In a twinkling of an eye, the Nile Delta where temple is located became a badly destroyed ruin. The curse of Pharaoh seems becoming reality.
Kunlun Platform
A perfect place for excellent Anti-Terrorism warriors who use blade or knife as the main weapon.
Chessboard Resort
A perfect place for excellent Anti-Terrorism warriors who use their own fist as their main weapon.
Ordance Factory
The factory of weapons. The safety of this factory guarantees our modal to fight with the rivals. That’s why the people here is required to be tough and able to cope with battle independently.
Liberation Square
Here was the previous generation AK soldiers celebrate their Liberation Victory Place. It is the sources of faith in the hearts of all AK soldiers.
AdenArms Library
Aden Arms Library is the large number of AK military supplies storage place. If the terrorists have occupied the place, which will cause serious disaster.