The time has coming for all Khmer nation to get a team and join The Qualify of Cambodian National Championship at Diamond Island on Saturday 28th May. The last two teams will get prize and special tickets to join the big competition of Cambodian National Championship.

The Qualify of Cambodian National Championship will use knockout tournament (32 teams, 5 players per team)

The registration is reached target, click HERE for the complete tournament schedule!!!

Do you think your team is strong enough to take this challenge?


The registration will start from 1st – 15th May on AK.SABAY.COM.KH and the preliminary round will start on 23th –  26th May, and the final will be held on 28th May.

The team position will be drawn at random on Monday 16th May at 3:00 pm at the Enter Cyber Cafe(Monivong Blv), Team Captains will draw a number that will represent the team and schedule place in the tournament.

  • 1st Round elimination of 32 teams to 16 teams at the Enter Cyber Cafe (Monivong Blv)
  • 2nd Round elimination of 16 teams to 8 teams at the Enter Cyber Cafe (Monivong Blv)
  • 3rd Round elimination of 8 teams to 4 teams at the Enter Cyber Cafe (Monivong Blv)
  • Semifinal of 4 teams to 2 teams at Diamond Island
  • Final at Diamond Island



  • Team leader must register on website by using Sabay account and fill all requirements especially team name and phone number
  • Team leader must be pay 200 Sabay Coins to open a team for joining this competition
  • After complete, team leader can invite other member by using account name and wait their acceptation
  • team members must register account name to use during competition
  • team members must be at tournament side on Friday 28th May at 13:30 to confirm participation (team must be complete for tournament check-in)


Game Setup

  • Mode: Explosion
  • Map: Nile Delta and Kashi Castle
  • Map Settings: Population = 10, Round Limit = 5; Limitation = Conventional only



There are 3 match and the team that won 2 match will be judging as the winner team:

  • First Match: the winner team of toss coin will have a priority to select blue or red team
  • Second Match: the winner and loser team will switch color sides
  • Third Match: If can’t find the team winner after 2 match, the last match will be raising up and the winner team of toss coin will have a priority to select blue or red team


Weapon Usable

  • Main Weapon: Green Soul 85, AWP, Wilderness G36, Platinum AK, Tigers Elite MP5, Silver M4 and Frost Explosion.
  • Hand Gun: Desert Eagle.
  • Grenade: Wood Handle Grenades, Type 82, CIS(Lightning Bomb) and M18(Fog Grenade).
  • Melee Weapon: All
  • Card: All



  • Players eliminate during the round can’t talk to other team members
  • Eliminated players must remain in their seat and are not allowed to physically help team members (under punishment of expulsion)
  • In case of matches that are interrupted by external failure (power lost to building, or Internet connection failure) leading to the termination of more then one player per team, the match will be re-played
  • The use of hacks or crack software is forbidden and players can bring their own Mouse or Keyboard


Prizes For Team

  • Winning team: 1,000,000 Riel, Sabay gift and Special ticket to join 16 teams
  • Runner-up: Sabay gift and Special ticket to join 16 teams
  • 3rd: Sabay gift
  • 4th: Sabay gift


If you have future questions with regards to the competition please contact our game support 023 22 8000 every working hour!


AK Team