How to Create Clan

May 31, 2016

AK Online is an online  game that allow player to play as  individual or team. More than that, In AK Online always have competition between team call “Team Challenge” that start from 1:00 pm to 5:00pm everyday. In order to register for “Team Challenge” , player need to join clan.

In order to join clan, you need process as below:

  • First, You need to have Clan Creating Card

  • Then Login to AK, Click on “Clan”

  • Set Password to Enter Team challenge website

You can set password in red box then click on “Save Pass” in pink box to save.

You can go to website Team challenge by click on button “Clan Site” or go to link

*Noted you need to set password by yourself

  • Fill up the information as below:

    1. Choose the word “Tournament of Champion”
    2. Enter your AK account
    3. Insert Password that you set from above
    4. input character by provide by system

After fill up the information, system will show image as below:

  • Click on button “Create” to create Clan(Character need to have level 30 or above)

  • After you click on button “Create”​ , system will show image as below៖

  • Set Clan name in  “Name” and type any message you want to show in “Announce”
  • After fill up the information, click on button “Submit”​​



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