How to Apply and Leave Clan

May 31, 2016

  • How to Apply clan?

    You can choose Clan from list of Clan ranking and request to join Clan by search clan name or ID .

Click on button “Member” to enter to see member in Clan or click on button  “Apply” to request to join clan and wait permission from Clan Captain.

After join a clan , you can’t join other clan anymore. unless you leave your current clan and wait for 3 days ( Count from leave day) in order to request to join other clan by set password in (Setting clan password)​again to join new clan.

  • How to leave a clan?



If you are Captain,  you can change password (Admin Password) of your Clan. Note: Captain can’t lost or forgot (Admin Password)​, check the below image:



If you are Captain, you can kick member out of your Clan:


If you are Captain, you can promote your clan member to Official: