NYC-DOTA (English)

March 7, 2013

The best annual championship of the year will be back soon. This 2013 Sabay offers special opportunity for all players who want to show their ability to compete in New Year Championship in Phnom Penh capital city. What are you waiting for? Join with the biggest and greatest competition of Sabay now.

 Schedule and list​ teams

Date and place of the competition
– The registration will be open from 15th March 2013 9am to 5th April 2013.
– Each team will be show team member and lottery to choose the compititor on 20th April, 9:00 AM at  Sabay Company.
– The first round qulify will be on 26th April 2013 at Enter Cyber Cafe and the final round qualify will be held in  NYC at Chenla Theater។

1st Round elimination of 32 teams to 16 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe . (Monivong Blvd.)
2nd Round elimination of  16 teams to 8 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe . (Monivong Blvd.)
3rd Round elimination of  8 teams to 4 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe . (Monivong Blvd.)
Semi-final of 4 teams to 2 teams at Chenla Theater
Final of 2 teams to select Winner and Runner-Up at Chenla Theater.


-Captian have to register by Sabay Account in website especially name with phone number។
-Capatian have to spend 200 Sabay Coins for registration. After that Captain can invite other 4 members to accept to be the full team.
-Each member have to use Sabay Account that was registered to compete.

-Total teams have 32 teams, 5 members for each team and 1 member is the Captain of the team.
-Winner team according to score and surrender of another team. Sabay teamwork will be the judge in the competition.

Game Setup
=> Client              :       Warcraft III Fronzen Throne version 1.26e
=> Map                 :       Dota map version 6.77b
=> Game Mode  :       Champion Mode (-cm)

-> Championship   :           1,500 USD and  5 000 Sabay Coin
-> 1st Runner-up   :            1,000 USD and 5 000 Sabay Coin
-> 2nd Runner-up :              500 USD and 5 000 Sabay Coin

Note: All Sabay Coin will book to account that player register in website.


  • Before start game៖
  1. – Both team have 5 minute for test and prepare before the game start.
  2. – Both team have to toss coin and winner can choose team Sentinel / Scourge
  3. – Player can bring own mouse and keyboard
  4. – Incase player not respect the rule will be punish, team will be eliminate.
  • Starting the Game៖
  1.  – Not allow to change member during the game.
  2.  – Not allow to phone or chat.
  3.  – Not allow to Pause Game during the competition unless have special case then judge will check and pause the game.
  4.  – Not allow to use third party tool(hacks) that effect to the game except  Warkey only that allow to use.
  5. – The game will have the first Save after Hero has been chosen according to game condition is -CM Mode.
  6. – After chose hero if  player has technical problem (Disconnected) in the first 10 minute, the game will restart.
  7. – If the case above happen again, the game will restart from the choosing hero point.
  8. – The game will have the second Save after 10 minute competed and Save again every 10 minute.
  9. – The game also Save again after player kill the boss(Roshan) and destory each Tower.
  •  During the Game៖
  1. – Backdoor is allowed
  2. – There is no hero limitation or restriction
  3. – Allow to share items during game
  4. – Sharing control is allowed
  5. – Incase each member cannot continue the game all heroes and items  are not allow to share to other members.

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