Rule and Reward of Cambodian Cyber Championship

August 21, 2013

The best annual championship of the year will be back soon. This 2013 Sabay offers special opportunity for all players who want to show their ability to compete in Cambodian Cyber Championship in Phnom Penh City. What are you waiting for? Join with the biggest and greatest competition of Sabay now.


  • 1st Round elimination on 9th-15th September 2013, at Battambong Province​.
  • 2nd Round elimination on 17th-22nd September 2013, at Banteay Mean Chey Province.
  • 3rd Round elimination on ….-…. ………. …, at Siem Reap Province​.
  • 4th Round elimination on ….-…. ………. …, at Kompong Cham Province.
  • 5th Round elimination on ….-…. ………. …, at Kompong Som Province.
  • 6th Round elimination on ….-…. ………. …, at Phnom Penh City.
  • Final Round on ….-…. ………. …, at Phnom Penh City.

How to Register

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Game Setup

  • Mode: Bomb Mode.
  • Map: Dragon World, Huangpu Terminal, Frontier City, Nile Delta and Sea-maid Town.
  • Map Settings: Population = 10, Round Limit = 5 & 9; Limitation = Conventional only.


  • Match: the winner team of toss coin will have a priority to select team color (Red or Blue) and ban map, the loser choose place.
  • The competition among Online Shop the winner team of toss coin will be able to limitation until the end of Round Limit.
  • Score Match3:0 or 3:1    Winner get 3 score, loser get 0 score

    3:2              Winner get 2 score, loser get 1 score

Weapon Usable

  • Main Weapon: Platinum AK47(Assault Rifle), Shadow FN2000, Silver M4A1(Assault Rifle), Wilderness G36(Assault Rife) and Silver AN94(Assault Rifle).

  • Sniper: Green Soul Type 85, Pink M14A1, Doomsday 88 and Camouflage AWP.

  • Sub Gun & ShotGun: Tiger Elite MP5, Silver Moon UMP45(Micro Punch) and Frost Explosions(Shotgun).

  • Hand Gun: Bronze Eagle(Pistol), Poison 54(Pistol), Hot Blood M500 (Revolver) and Accurate Aiming Eagle,.

  • Grenade: Wood Handle Grenades, Type 82, CTS(Lightning Bomb), and M18(Fog Grenade).

  • Melee Weapon: Free.
  • Card: Protect Card LV1, Grenade Pack LV2, Low-Key Magnificence, Dance Card(Free dance, Disco dance, No Body dance, Nation dance, Samba dance and Gangnam Style).


  • Intentionally first time use Map BUG will be 1st warning and second time will be directly eliminate. If BUG in the map show and cannot continue competition, the rounds still continue without restart.
  • If all players cannot compete because of the unintentional and unexpected reasons, such as server stops working or crash,the round score will be cancel and scores are not calculated in the round,restart the competition.
  • During the match if player have problem(physical condition) cannot continue game, the Organizer will not responsible. 2 out of 5 major players absent from the tournament, the team consider forfeit for the match.
  • Hack, bug, and Third Party Tool are forbidden and players can bring their own Mouse or Keyboard.
  • During game, the referee will be responsible for on-site monitoring, recording and screenshots.
  • Team members will be disqualified by twice warning. For example, Team A VS Team B and A use bug, Team A will be first warning for whole team, and if one member in Team A still use bug again (Twice using bug) with Team B, Team B will win automatically in this round. If Team A continues to use bug with other team beside Team B in next round, Team A will disqualify for the whole competition
  • All decisions made by the organizer are final. Rules and regulations are subject to change by the organizer and will be inform to other countries that join at least one month before the competition start.

During Competitions

  • The 1st round of game begin, if appear disconnected or crash, restart the competition.
  • In case of matches that are interrupted by external failure (power lost to building, PC crash, restart, or Internet connection failure) the game still continue and players must be re-join before 2 min.
  • If player (survival) can’t re-join on time, the referee will record current score and continue with current score when players can re-joined.
  • During the match, if the hardware that prepared by organizer have problem,cannot continue the match,players must inform to referee staff to stop the match.
  • In case of matches that are interrupted by external failure (power lost to building, PC crash, restart, or Internet connection failure) leading to the termination of more than one player per team (survival player), the match will be restart. And the previous score will be record. For example: A got 2, B got 1, start the new round and interrupted by external failure (power lost to building, PC crash, restart, or Internet connection failure), then the score start from A 2 , B1.

Prizes For Team Cambodian Cyber Champion

  • Championship :  2,000$, travelling, staying, food and  join Final Round at Phnom Penh.
  • 2nd Place :  1,000$, travelling, staying, food, and join Final Round at Phnom Penh.

If you have future questions with regards to the competition please contact our game support 023 22 8000 every working hour!

AK Team