October 28, 2011

Computer Specs Requirement:

Minimum Recommended PC


  • WindowsXP SP2, DX9
  • CPU Dual Core >2GHz
  • RAM 1GB
  • VGA RAM 512 MB
  • Internet 128kbps, with > 100 ms ping time to our servers
  • WindowsXP SP2, DX9 or better
  • CPU Core 2 Duo
  • RAM 2GB
  • Internet 512kbps, with < 100 ms ping time to our servers


Download AK Full Client:

Please download 3files below and then double click on Akonline2.1.6.—.exe for installation of full client:

របៀបតម្លើង Full Client និង Patch

AK Client Version  (1.8MB)
dat.7z.001 (6.3GB)
dat.7z.002 (3.4GB)

Download AK Patch:

Download patch which suitable with your current client and install to your hard drive for update AK client:

AK Patch to
AK Patch to